Choose and coordinate all kinds of fun activities with your friends
Bored? Can’t decide what to do? – Find what your friends are upto and join.
Want to go snow boarding? Don’t know when to go? – Invite friends and plan.

Lets say you are out with your parents for dinner. You see a wild beer pong place.
You probably would not want to go play beer pong with your parents.

What if, you could capture that activity, associate it with a location, take a photo and
quickly send it over to your college friends that you have beer pong chemistry with.
Your friends get notified, you sort out the plan and BAMM… beer pong with college mates
is scheduled for next saturday.

Pley is a simple and fun way to plan, coordinate and share activities within your social
network. Pley intelligently shows you what you might be interested in. You can find and
choose what to do, or just browse to stay in sync with latest trends.

Be Active, Go Pley!!

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